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Netflix Acquires Spanish Dystopian Thriller ‘The Platform’

The Toronto International Film Festival always gives us some interesting projects for the general audience. Also, it is increasingly common that producers showcase their films attempting to attract the attention of one of the main streaming services to strike a deal with them.

That’s exactly what’s happened with ‘El Hoyo’ (The Platform), one of the most pleasant surprises of this year’s festival, premiering in the Friday night post of the classic Midnight Madness at the TIFF. Netflix has acquired the rights of the film all around the world, except for some Asian territories.

The film follows “a citizen of a not-too-distant dystopia who voluntarily incarcerates himself with the promise of increased social mobility upon release, but becomes so radicalized by his captivity that he will risk everything to ride a devilish dumbwaiter on a one-way ticket to protect a panna cotta.”

The film is directed b Galder Gastelu-Urrutia based upon a screenplay from David Desola and Pedro Rivera. The film was produced by Carlos Juárez, David Matamoros and María de los Ángeles Hernández jointly with Basque Films, Mr. Miyagi Films, and Plataforma la película AIE.

The cast is led by Iván Massagué (from Guillermo del Toro’s, ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’), Antonia San Juan (from the Oscar-winning film, ‘All About My Mother’), Zorion Eguileor, Emilio Buale, and Alexandra Masangkay.

The deal was negotiated by Latido Films, Nate Bolotin of XYZ Films, and CAA Media Finance representing the filmmakers. We’ll probably have an official release date soon and, at least, a small teaser about the movie.

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