Uh-oh! Netflix across America experiences ‘access’ problems amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Oh, crap. The last thing we needed during the lockdown was less Netflix (or getting yourself the virus but I guess that is a decision you have to make on your own – wash your hands carefully!).

Unfortunately, with Netflix’s effort of lessening internet usage and bandwidth, the streaming platform did not orient themselves in other problems. No matter how much you try to lessen the usage, there’s still an unprecedented amount of people using your platform––and that’s the issue on Wednesday.

The streaming service was experiencing a technical problem that spread like a wildfire on the 25th of March, according to user reports and third-party monitoring services.

According to one of the most useful sites in the world DownDetector, there have been complaints about accessing Netflix that made a huge spike around 12:30 PM ET. DownDetector says that complaints mainly came from the United States––the Northeast, Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, and Texas. The most common problem or issue we’re talking about here is the deadly “no connection.”

Users took it to Twitter to report the problem to @Netflixhelps, saying that they saw error messages when they were trying to access the streaming platform. The message that always re-occurred was “Error NSES-500,” which the company actually has a solution to and that it “typically points to a network connectivity issue that is preventing your device from reaching the Netflix service.”

In one tweet, Netflix CS responded to a customer that reported the error message to which the customer-support team replied:

“We are doing our best to help everyone as fast as we can! ”

Sadly, Netflix CS seems pretty busy solving the problem.

This might be the result of millions of Americans locked down at their homes during the pandemic. Additionally, AT&T actually reported that this could be resulting in Netflix’s record-high levels of traffic surrounding this week.

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