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Netflix’s Ares is scaring the sh*t out of people they don’t even want to finish it

I, for one, am a fan of horror films. However, one series in Netflix is scorching through Jumpscare Street in I-Won’t-Watch-That Boulevard. In this day and age, people take it to Twitter what they think about certain films and shows, and this one isn’t excused. Some people say that it’s “too scary to finish,” and some just don’t event want to try.

The eight-episode Netflix horror series, Ares, has rounded up quite the audience with its story about a college student that wants to be a part of an exclusive society in Amsterdam without knowing its horrifying history.

When you search it up on Twitter, you’d really think it’s October already. Most posts are about how the series is so good and extra scary, some even too scary for their own liking. You know what? I think it’s healthy to practice scared faces on months like January and February, gets you hyped for a certain Netflix horror binge. Like I said, people are taking their justified and outright impressions of the series and its underlying nightmares that will crawl up on you during the darkest hours of the night. Here are some examples:

The fear in that tweet, I felt it. Or was it just the cursing? I don’t know. Either way works, though.

If you’re up for the challenge, then you can go and watch Ares and see what you think.

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