Mehul Choksi moves to postpone the release of Netflix’s ‘Bad Boy Billionaires’

Controversy after controversy, Netflix just can’t get themselves out of the crossfire. This time, their troubles have led them to India.

Mehul Choksi, the uncle of Nirav Modi, has opted to move the Delhi high court against the documentary set to air on the streaming giant that is Netflix.

The streamer’s documentary, Bad Boy Billionaires, is set to release soon on the platform. It revolves around the fraud committed by the business moguls of India. One of the advertising projects of Netflix for the documentary was to release a poster––and in that poster, it showed Choksi’s nephew Nirav Modi alongside Subrata Roy, Kingfisher Airlines chairman Vijay Mallya, and Ramalinga Raju.

In Choksi’s petition, he wanted the complete postponement of the documentary that’s slated to release on the 2nd of September, 2020––with the help of his lawyer, Vijay Aggarwal. According to Aggarwal, Choksi knew of the documentary’s release on the 24th of August when he saw the trailer. He received phone calls from various people and get this, all over the world. Some even asked if he was part of the documentary and wanted his comments about it––well, I guess this is it.

Choksi also discovered that one of the people speaking in the trailer was Flawed: The Rise and Fall of India’s Diamon Mogul Nirav Modi‘s writer––and in so, his name was used in conjunction.


The petition stated that Choksi’s name might have been used in connection to Nirav Modi when his relation to the diamantaire is only that of an uncle’s and a nephew’s.

Now, here is where it gets a little spicy. The petition also said that the series might pull off an episode on Choksi––making it a higher possibility for a media trial. The petitioner, Choksi in this case, has the right to an innocent, free, and fair trial.

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