5 Things I’ve Noticed Through The First Half of Netflix’s Black Summer

Netflix released its American zombie apocalypse drama Black Summer in early April of this year and so far it has not disappointed. Rotten tomatoes has it listed as a 75% on the critic scale and a (small/lower) 58% on the fan side. Now, I’ve only watched the first four episodes, but so far I think that fan rating is a tad low. It is definitely a strange show, so with that I’ll explain five “must knows” for the first half of season one.

#1 – Each Episode is Actually Many Minisodes

The season opener was somewhat confusing at first. Right as things started getting good the scene cuts to black and another scene begins with completely different characters. Yet rather quickly I began to pick up on the fact that what was occurring in the background of the initial minisode was what was now occurring in this minisode. This continues up through episode four, yet each episode now sticks with the same group of people. So you will basically get one of the groups and five, maybe six, small snippets of what they go through throughout their apocalyptic (trek/voyage/?). It’s a very strange way to depict the characters stories, but it also adds an extremely unique twist to everything as well.

#2 – The Deaths Can Be… Gruesome

This doesn’t really apply to episode one, but two through four for sure had some graphic death scenes. So far there’s been an older woman thrown through a windshield after what was probably a 50+ MPH crash, a young man being blown to bits inside of a school, and an absolutely insane bathroom death for one military man. With episode four being only the halfway point I’m assuming the gore is about to ramp all the way up for the final few epi’s, so watch out if gore and guts aren’t your thing.

#3 – Location and Time Frame

So far, this hasn’t been discussed in detail via the episodes. We can assume it is occurring within America though based on the military (and maybe license plates? Also could give a more localized area within US).  I’d also take a stab that it’s basically occurring in our current day and age, as that logically makes the most sense for

#4 – The Zombies Are Just Plain Dumb

In most zombie flicks, the undead creatures typically aren’t the brightest. But there is a whole other level of stupid to the Black Summer zombies in my honest opinion. For instance, in episode three we see undead Ryan (AKA Mustafa Alabessi) just running into tables trying to get to “Spears” and Rose. I was just sitting there like, “Come in dude, hop over the tables and they’re toast.” And don’t get me wrong, he eventually did… but it took nearly 35 seconds of running into tables to figure out he could go over them (Mustafa absolutely kills his part too by the way. Huge shouts to him!) Or even in episode one when Lance’s girlfriend gets hit and she turns, she just beats on the walls/fences most of the time when she sees people she wants to eat. I’m not saying I need my zombies to be World War Z smart, but I do think they would have a touch more intelligence than we see through the first half of this season.

# 5 – One of the Oddest, Yet Most Addicting Shows

I’ve found myself absolutely bewildered at some of the things this show has put together, but I can’t stop watching. Whether it be the “Nature Show” scene that has almost no dialogue outside of the two people getting attacked or episode three’s creepy children capturing/tormenting the adults within the school, I am hooked on the curiously creepy and downright strange episodes Netflix has given us.

So far this show has been a great watch, so for all of you apocalyptic zombie fans out there I highly recommend giving it a shot. Thanks for the read, and enjoy your gore-filled zombie summer!

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