Netflix Joins Forces with Tony Ayres for its New Tech Thriller: “Clickbait”

One of the most important TV creators of Australia, Tony Ayres; ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Gravity’, and ‘Once Upon a Time In Hollywood’ producer, David Heyman, and Christian White have joined forces to create ‘Clickbait’ a new thriller for Netflix. It will be about the dangers of social media and the widening differences between people’s real and virtual persona.

The show will be produced in Melbourne, Australia by Matchbox Pictures, Tony Ayres Productions, and Heyday Television. The director for the 8 episodes of the series will be Brad Anderson who was also behind the camera in ‘The Sinner’.


This is the first Netflix installment to be produced in Melbourne, and in all the state of Victoria. This has led to the attraction of an interesting amount of local financing, as it has obtained subsidies from both the local and federal governments, as the show is said to bring 500 temporary jobs for locals, 24.3 million USD in brand-new investment and will use 290 local businesses.

Ayres, who has produced and directed films such as ‘The Slap’ and ‘The Home Song Stories’ believes the show will be an important opportunity to show the top-notch level of Australian talent both on technical aspects and in front of the camera. There’s still no word on the release date or the cast. We should know shortly.

Matchbox productions have a hefty amount of projects behind their back, having worked with every network in Australia and with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and, of course, the BBC. Its resume includes films such as ‘Seven Types of Ambiguity’ and ‘Wanted’ and it’s currently working with Tony Ayres in another project jointly with Cate Blanchett and Dirty Films (of Andrew Upton) on ‘Stateless’, a project for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

We hope to have more info soon about this interesting American-Australian production.

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