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Netflix Edits Suicide Scene of “13 Reasons Why” After Controversies

Netflix has announced that they have officially edited the suicide scene from the final episode of Netflix’s original series “13 Reasons Why” after controversies following the graphic scene.

The original scene, which was three minutes long, was shown in the middle of the finale of season one. Before starting the episode, it opened with a disclaimer to the viewers that the episode “may not be suitable for younger audiences” and had “graphic depictions of violence and suicide”.

Katherine Langford, who played Hannah in the series, was shown to be reflecting on her life in front of the mirror before being shown to be sitting in a bathtub, using a razor blade to piece her left wrist. The scene was held pretty long, showing Hannah continuously shrieking amidst the pain of blood loss. Kath Welsh, who played Hannah’s mother, then discovers her daughter’s deceased body in the tub.

The new scene, on the other hand, shows Hannah in front of the mirror, reflecting, and then cutting to the reaction of her parents’ following the suicide of their daughter—no razor blades, no gushing of blood, nothing.

13 Reasons Why is based on the novel by Jay Asher, with its same name. The show received both bad and good reviews, backlash and praise. Raising awareness about teen suicide has never been an easy task, let along approaching it in an interesting way. According to Daniel Fienberg, Hollywood Reporter TV critic, the show is “an honorably mature piece of young-adult adaptation” and that it “tackles its touchy subject in a thoughtful and interesting way.”

With that, the series’ goal is to let people see that age is not a factor of depression—young or old, anyone can be affected. Hannah’s death was a necessary scene to depict how unpleasant suicide is.

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