Netflix’s ‘Falling Inn Love’, starring singer Christina Milian, is a must-see

Christina Milian has the life many have been wanting to achieve. From having a beautiful voice to having a fruitful career in the showbiz while still having a beautiful voice, that’s Christina Milian.

Yup, you definitely saw that right! Christina Milian, the singer during your 2000’s, has shifted spotlights. From what was concerts and stages to acting and productions––specifically Netflix ones.

Getting featured in Ja Rule’s Between Me and You song was one of her ways to stardom, considered as one of her big breakthroughs in the music scene in 2000. The song led her to sign her first record deal with Def Soul Records and the rest is history. If she could name history, she’d name it AM to PMWhen You Look at Me or Dip it Low––the three being her top songs, getting featured in Billboard and various more top 10s worldwide.

Recently though, news has been stirring about her Netflix movie, Falling Inn Love. In the movie, she stars together with Australian actor, Adam Demos. Entertainment Weekly gave us an exclusive interview that sought out her opinions when her manager presented the script to the singer/actress:
“I took a look at it and loved it. I laughed the whole way while I was reading it and I guess you could say, I pitched Netflix me for it. The next thing you know, I’m hopping on a plane to New Zealand to shoot this really funny, really cute rom-com,” said Milian.

She loved it as much as we did! It looked like Milian and Demos had a top-tier relationship and chemistry that could really blow the roof off the house. In fact, Milian told Entertainment Weekly that Demos was “such a cool guy.”

In the new Netflix series Soundtrack which unfortunately got shut down by Netflix, Milian was also there! This just goes to show how talented she is, and how much of a swiss knife she is talent-wise.

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