‘Fatal Affair’ is coming to Netflix on July 16, 2020

With the first half of the year ending in a couple of days, Netflix will be starting its releases for the second half with a bang. Give Fatal Affair (which was previously known as Obsession) a round of applause at it makes its way to the streaming giant! The film will be starring Nia Long, Omar Epps, Stephen Bishop, and more––and they’re ready for a release in July 2020.

Hold on, though, let’s not jump into the film right away. Let’s pace you in on what you need to know first!

The movie is written, with Rasheeda Garner, and directed by Peter Sullivan. Sullivan isn’t new to the platform, though, as he has already worked on Netflix’s Secret Obsession that came out last year. With that project handed with mixed reviews, Fatal Affair might just be another apple from the same tree––but we’ll see.

The good thing is that the chemistry between the two main characters is insane. Nia Long (who will be playing Ellie) and Omar Epps (who will be playing David) will be starring in the film. If you remember a while back, they also starred in the 1999 Miramax movie In Too Deep.

According to Epps himself, the film has been described to be a ‘dark thriller’ as we will be seeing Ellie (Nia Long) trying to fix her current relationship but gets involved with someone else from her past––then realizing how dangerous the man from the past really is.

Here it is, people. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The release date of Fatal Affair wasn’t blunt at all, as it was silently and carefully put out in Netflix’s media center. It has been revealed that the new film will be coming to the streaming giant on the 16th of July, 2020.

As for the trailer, there’s been none yet––but we’re expecting to see it within a month or two from now.

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