Netflix goes through subtle redesigning –– Here’s the new, modern look

Netflix has definitely grown to be one of the most decorated, prestigious, and biggest entertainment platforms on Earth. With that, however, comes many challenges and therefore changes to the platform. Many don’t know this but before the streaming platform became, well, a platform––it first became a DVD rental service. The streaming giant’s transition into the world of the internet has become one of if not, the most legendary runs of a platform ever.

However, we can all agree that the best thing Netflix has ever come up with was the streamer’s decision to make Netflix Originals.

Boasting over a thousand Originals since 2013, Netflix continues to satisfy its subscribers month after month––and September of 2020 is no exception with more than 60 new original content from movies to series to even specials.

Now, if you’ve been on the platform for quite some time, you might be able to spot some changes––especially if you’re an avid watcher from the web browser. You heard that right, people, Netflix has gone through some redesigning after creating a special movie introduction. You might say Netflix is stepping up their game.

To everyone’s delight, a lot of you may already have been granted the access to the new design that only recently released this month. If you’re curious about how it looks, you can just go to the Netflix homepage using your laptop or PC. However, a handful of people might not be able to see it yet because of the fact that it might only be out for those in the United States––so for those who are outside of the country, don’t get your hopes up, but do try.

The change focuses on how the content pages are displayed. Before, it just looked like a list of episodes from each of the series. However, not it looks like the overlay that pops up whenever you click the episodes tab––and it looks wonderful.

Here are some screenshots:

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