Netflix to release Hindi Sci-Fi movie, ‘Cargo’, in September – Here’s everything you need to know

Say hello to yet another one of Netflix’s international films, Cargo! The Hindi-language indie sci-fi movie was written and directed by Arati Kadav, making this her debut for the directing scene of things. The film stars Vikrant Massey from Chhapaak, Shweta Tripathi from Masaan, and Nandu Madhav from Harishchandrachi Factory. Alongside Kadav are Fundamental Picture and Electric Films for production and sees Vikramaditya Motwane as the executive producer.

The film is inspired by one of India’s mythologies in “rakshasa”, a demon who is believed to process the dead for their inevitable rebirth.

Kadav already had the idea of Cargo back in 2017 after Kashyap and Motwane’s sci-fi project fell through. The film will be taking us inside the Indian myth of rakshasa, a demon who does everything in the underworld––guiding them through, healing them, and wiping their memories before the dead are seemingly brought back to Earth to live a new life. The myth is believed to recycle them in a manner.

If you want more details, here is the producers’ official synopsis for the upcoming film for Netflix:


Cargo is a high-tech fable, giving us a peep into a flourishing developing world of the ancient Indian demons who have now finally entered the Space Age. Our story revolves around Prahastha, a lonely demon astronaut who works alone in his spaceship. His spaceship comes close to Earth every morning to receive the Cargos. These Cargos are people who have just died on Earth and we learn that Prahastha works for Post Death Transition Services (PDTS), a large flourishing company that pioneered in computerisation, transitioning and recycling of dead people for rebirth. Today, after many years, a new popular astronaut Yuvishka, trained in cutting edge technology will be joining him.

If you’re excited about this, then it’s fortunate for you that Cargo will be premiering on the 9th of September, 2020, on Netflix in India and elsewhere.

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