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New Korean dramas coming to Netflix in 2020

One thing that Netflix can be thanked for is bringing international cinema and television to an international audience. Before Netflix, how many of us were waiting for the next series of a Spanish prison drama or obsessing over the latest Filipino series?

Korea shows in particular have proven very popular with an international audience, and with Netflix recently announcing a new multi-year deal with JTBC (a South Korean broadcasting network), we can look forward to a lot more K-drama hitting our screens.

Netflix already has quite a few new Korean dramas lined up to land in 2020.

Season two of Kingdom will come out in March 2020. For those who haven’t already watched season one, this is a period drama horror set in Joseon period (so medieval) Korea. It follows a crown prince forced to flee his home due to conspiracies, he then gets caught up in a zombie apocalypse and must find a way to save his country.

Love Alarm will also be back with a second season. The premise of this show is that a young man comes up with an app that can tell you if someone within 10 feet of you has romantic feelings for you. Naturally this caused chaos in the romantic lives of people all over the country. But also, our young man goes from unknown developer to celebrity overnight, and how does he deal with that.

In 2020 Netflix will finally be releasing The School Nurse Files, which has been in development since 2018. Another horror-based drama, a young school nurse also moonlights as an exorcist as she has a special supernatural ability to see ghosts. When the school she works at seems to become infected with ghosts, she needs to enlist the help of other teachers to help wage her war.

2020 will also see the release of a new romance I Holo Love. A tech magnate must fake his own death and hide his existence after his hacker youth is exposed. His life seems quite barren, until he encounters an assistant manager at a glasses company who also lives a reclusive life due to her inability to recognize people’s faces. Is this a match made in heaven?

Japanese and Korean game shows have always been a source of fascination for western audience, but this new show, Round Six, takes the concept to a whole new level. Contestants are taken to an undisclosed location to compete for the prize of a lifetime, but none may leave until there is a final winner. As the contestants battle it out in the game, we also see how each of their lives has fallen apart in the past, and why they are so desperate to win.

New show Did We Love is about a woman who is unlucky in love. She has been along for fourteen years, but then suddenly fur very different but very tempting men enter her life. They each represent different life decisions, which she now has a chance to explore.

Itaewon offers an unexpected story line. A young high school student finds himself embroiled with a gang after he finds himself in conflict with the son of a gang leader, who is also a restaurant CEO. When a series of tragic events leads to the death of the young man’s father and he himself passing a period of time in prison, he decides to get revenge by opening an opposing restaurant business.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Netflix’s K-drama plans for 2020. Also look out for The Married Life, a story about temptation and betrayal; Ssanggab Cart Bar, which will star two of K-Pop’s most popular young stars; If the Weather is Nice, I Will Come Find You, which is K-drama’s answer to the movie Notting Hill; and Younger, a show about a 40 year old woman who lies and says she is 20 to build her career.

Will you be tuning-in to K-drama in 2020?

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