Netflix’s Upcoming South Korean Zombie-Thriller, ‘#Alive’, is Coming in September

Even on Netflix, the K-Drama craze has started to arise. This time, a South Korean zombie action film will be premiering for subscribers in September. Here’s everything to need to know about the upcoming film including its plot, trailer, and most important of all––the release date.

Before we kick things off, #Alive is an upcoming Netflix Original South Korean zombie-thrill film that was not only written but also directed by Cho Il Hyung. On the 24th of June, 2020, the thrill debuted in cinemas in South Korea and it wasn’t even close––sweeping the box office for a massive 18 straight days.

The South Korean zombie scene has been an enormous part of their entertainment. When you thought it would stop at one point, another tops the charts. People think that a zombie apocalypse might be a world of fast-running zombies alongside some fast-paced music––but we’re swept off our feets time and time again by these Korean films and series.

TO go up against Western films is no joke. Having to deal with Hollywood icons is not an easy task to do, but South Korean films have done it. Whatever genre it may be, their movies are always so visually appealing and their creativity tops it all off.

As for the release date, #Alive will be premiering on the streaming giant on the 8th of September, 2020.

The plot revolves around Oh Joon Woo (Yoo Ah In)––a simple man spending his isolation by playing video games and streaming. However, when news broke out that a violent pathogen was taking Korea by storm, he looked out the window and saw flesh-eating zombies on the streets and eventually, his hallway––trapping him. As he makes an effort to survive with what’s left of his essentials, he is left with little no hope of survival. The question is, what will he do then?

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