Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’ to feature an episode supporting the Black Lives Matter movement

Netflix hit series, Lucifer, will be joining the Black Lives Matter movements in an episode embedded in their sixth and final season.

Executive producer Ildy Modrovich shared with Entertainment Tonight that they will be joining the movement so as to pivot the narrative of police-centered shows.

“When we got back to the [writers] room, we started looking at the fact that we’re a cop show and in what ways have we contributed or not addressed the systemic issues of the police department. And we decided we wanted to speak to it. So we’re actually doing a story that speaks directly to it, and we’re super excited about it,” Modrovich said.

It’s not an easy task to do––to get it right. Knowing that, Modrovich said that she’s “nervous” to tackle the subject and its current sensitivity because she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone.

The said episode will be coming alongside the sixth and final season which is currently being prepared. In the meantime, we get to enjoy the first eight episodes of the fifth season in the streaming platform this week.

Another executive working on the show, Joe Henderson, said that there’s an added responsibility to address these issues––this movement.

“What we did want to do was speak to the cultural reckoning we’re all going through and, I think, we’ll be continuing to go through, and our place in it and our responsibility to say something,” he said.

Explained Modrovich: “And go at it through our characters’ eyes from an emotional place and not a preachy place. To really look at the situation socially, emotionally and have it resonate on a deeper level than just words or rhetoric.”

Both of them discussed how they would be approaching the episode to make sure it’s done right, responsibly, and to make sure that the episode is in good hands.

“We have a lot of voices in the room. We’re a pretty diverse room, so it’s taken a lot longer than most episodes to break because we have talked about everything,” said Modrovich. “There have been many tears shed. I can just say everybody’s very passionate about it, so I think that’s what we’re doing to get it right. We’ll probably fine-tune it forever and be working on it until we shoot it.”

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