Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’ just broke the record for the biggest TV weekend opening

The fifth season of Lucifer has just landed on Netflix, and I’m sure you’ve heard about it. The thing is, however, you’re not the only one. Along with you are millions of avid fans all around the world that resulted not only in the series trending but also breaking the TV record for the biggest opening weekend for a TV series on Netflix––beating The Umbrella Academy.

Brief history lesson here, Lucifer isn’t even originally from Netflix. The streaming giant just scooped it up from Fox from the fourth season onwards. Now, we’re here enjoying the fifth season of the series––a very fruitful Netflix career, if I do say so myself. The fifth season is set to be split into two halves and expect also a sixth season as it is already in production.

According to What’s on Netflix and FlixPatrol, there are some stats to be shown on just how Lucifer became the biggest weekend debut in TV series record. However, What’s on Netflix provided a disclaimer that the data is only applicable from the end of February 2020 when the streaming platform began the top 10 list feature.

“In total, Lucifer scored 670 points over its opening weekend. The top spot in a country is worth 10 points, position 10 is worth 1 point, and not being in the top 10 is worth 0. FlixPatrol’s webmaster points out it’s a shame it didn’t get 3 points less for the magic 666,” What’s on Netflix said. Considering that we’re putting 10 points for a number 1 spot, Lucifer just amassed a handful of spots then.

Here’s visual representation from FiixPatrol to aid you. Shoutout to the Philippines, all of you are dope for streaming Lucifer despite selected Asian countries still have other series at number one.

If you’re curious, the countries that did see the series at the top spot included the likes of Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Colombia, and Ireland––a dominantly Asian list.


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