Netflix makes a catalog of free movies and series for non-subscribers

We all know Netflix to be one of the most powerful streaming platforms out there. However, it’s not just because of their selections of films and series, but it’s also because of how they give back to the community. During the pandemic, Netflix has promised to take care of their employees. The streaming giant has also taken its part in the Black Lives Matter movement and now, the streamer will be extending a free catalog to users all across the globe.

The streaming giant is currently offering a select number of Netflix Original movies and shows. The list includes Stranger ThingsMurder MysteryEliteBird BoxWhen They See UsThe Two PopesOur Planet, and Grace and Frankie. The catalog will be available to non-paying subscribers across where Netflix has graced their presence.

However, free stuff comes with its own limitations. For this, only the first episodes of the shows will be available for viewing––just so non-subscribers can weigh-in their bets on becoming a subscriber after watching some of the episodes. As for the movies, they’re giving it all for you––the whole nine yards. Before it starts, though, there’s a 30-second ad that can be skipped––so take note of that.

In a statement by a Netflix spokesperson to TechCrunch, they said that:

We’re looking at different marketing promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience.

The great thing about what the streaming giant is doing is that the desired audiences need not to create an account to view these shows and movies. Just make sure you’re using a web browser as the free viewing is only accessible through there. Android users, however, can access this through their mobile browser. Unfortunately for iOS users, this isn’t a possibility.

They’ve had their fair share of experience in doing this type of free-viewing as they’ve also made To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before available to users, but only in the United States.

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