An art teacher from Marshfield will be on Netflix’s baking show ‘Nailed It’

I swear to the heavens above, I love Nailed It to the core of my core.

As per WAOW, a Marshfield teacher will be featuring in an episode of the hit Netflix baking show! Now that’s lucky.

Shelisa Schmidt is an art teacher at Grant Elementary School and she said that she’s been a fan of the since season one. When she wrote a random email, she never would have expected to get a response from the Netflix baking show.

“I sent out a random email last winter and I just put in there that I was an art teacher but I was really bad at cooking. I’m also really creative so people think that I’m good at … decorating cakes and stuff; they think I would be good at it, but I am not,” she said.

Nailed It‘s episodes boasts of three contestants trying to compete against each other to see who is the best of the worst bakers. In the show, home bakers take a stab at recreating absolute baking masterpieces that people can actually be visually appeased while also being tastefully indulging. If it meets the criteria, the baker wins $10,000 as their prize. However, the road to victory isn’t the easiest as bakers are challenged to make an expert-level cake with a timer on their heads. For the audience, the real fun in the show is all of the disasters that happen in just one episode––making the whole reality TV show a must binge-watch!

The trailer for the fourth season is now available to watch! Luckily for you, if you haven’t seen any of the seasons, you’ll be binge-watching until the latest season that will be premiering on the 1st of April 2020. The season trailer brings the inherent hilarity that Nailed It brings.

Here’s the trailer!

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