Netflix to release two new reality TV series in July: ‘Love on the Spectrum’ and ‘Indian Matchmaking’

Netflix, Netflix, Netflix. You just know how your fans operate, don’t you? Having found the million-dollar idea with the like of Love Is Blind and Too Hot to Handle, the streaming platform is about to give us more reality TV dating shows this July. They definitely cracked the code––seeing that this is one of their most successful genres in the platform.

To be added to the platform’s arsenal of reality TV shows are Indian Matchmaking and Love on the Spectrum.

And good news, they’re coming to the streaming giant sooner than later––scheduled for a 16th of July and 22nd of July release respectively.

“It’s a category of programming that we know people really love, and it’s our job to find the best shows,” said Brandon Riegg, Netflix’s vice president of nonfiction series and comedy specials.

“When I started the unscripted department, we knew that one category that we wanted to try to get into was relationship and dating and love, and those are hard shows to find,” added Riegg.

As for the shows, let’s start with Indian Matchmaking. The reality TV series will be following single millennials in hopes of finding their other halves without using apps and other technological advancements in the world of dating. As most of the world depends on their apps for messaging (and of course, multiple dating apps), the show will be providing a classic The Bachelor vibes when apps weren’t really dominating the scene of dating.

Love on the Spectrum, on the other hand, is a series that will be following seven singletons who are on the spectrum––taking their baby steps into dating. It warms our hearts knowing that it’s the first of its kind––representing the men and women with special needs on an unscripted reality TV series.

Though both series might be under the reality TV series category of things, they’re both very different in execution. Either way, they both give us a tingling sense of excitement!

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