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Netflix Orders New Series of Korean Dramas Along With Kingdom Season 2

A few days ago we know Netflix ordered its first Belgian original ‘Into the Night’, and also new French and Australian original shows. Now, Netflix’s international offer has expanded. The streaming service unveiled a slew of original shows and a second season of its period drama ‘Kingdom’ at the Asian TV Drama Conference.

‘Kingdom’ was the first Korean Netflix original and its success has paved the way for many other shows that will be on-screen sooner than later. It will return for season 2, as also will ‘Busted’ starring Yoo Jae-suk, Lee Kwang-soo, and Kim Jong-min.

The upcoming Korean originals include fantasy action-drama ‘The School Nurse Files’, stand-up comedy series ‘Park Narae: Glamor Warning’, and sci-fi romance series ‘My Holo Love’.

Some of the most interesting upcoming shows that were announced include ‘Extracurricular’, that follows a group of high school students who get mixed up in a series of events that challenge traditional values and morality; ‘Round Six’, that was announced a couple of days ago, that tells a story of people who feel that have failed at life but are invited to partake in a survival game with a ten million dollar-prize; and ‘The School Nurse Files’ that follows a new high school nurse who discovers she has supernatural abilities to chase ghosts.

“Whether it is a story about a Joseon crown prince saving his kingdom from zombies or a school nurse protecting students with her supernatural gift, each show is about how the TV form is helping to realize the artistic visions of Korean creators, and Netflix is honored to bring these stories to the world, bringing their creative visions to life on the screen.” Rob Roy, Vice President of Content at Netflix APAC said about the slew of announcements.

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