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Netflix Original “Ghost Stories” Determined to Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

Not a single soul can deny the success of Lust Stories in 2018. Filmmakers Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee and Anurag Kashyap have, once again, teamed up for a rather ravishing Netflix original called Ghost Stories. Various reports suggest that the series will be engaging all four directors to helm individual stories in the horror and supernatural genre. So for everyone who’s up for a scare, this might be the show you’ve been waiting for. 😉

Indian scares have been quite the trend the past few weeks, with Typewriter just scaring everybody out of their couches, another local original will be storming the streaming giant.

Ghost Stories will be the third collaboration between Netflix and RSVP. It will be produced by Ronnie Srewvala and RSVP alongside Flying Unicorn Entertainment’s Ashi Dua. With it’s production starting in August, 151 million streamers across almost 200 countries will have their hairs surely raised with this piece.

“Working with Netflix is a delight for any filmmaker whose story is sacrosanct. As a writer/ director, I thrive on bending genres and inverting tropes and I am so looking forward to attempting that with a ghost story,” said director Zoya Akhtar who was asked about the upcoming collaboration.

Director Dibakar Bannerjee has also put in some insight, “Horror as a genre has incredible room to experiment and explore. Ghost Stories is my attempt to do that, and it’s great to have a partner in Netflix with whom I have the freedom to tell the story as envisioned. Ultimately we are entertainers, and there’s nothing like a spine-chilling story scaring the devil out of us while we’re safely tucked in our sofa munching fries hugging a warm body.”

“I have always been mortified to watch the horror genre and have always stayed very far away from any ghost story! So to direct one is not only hugely challenging but also exceptionally exciting! Personally, it’s uncharted terrain and I couldn’t have chosen a better platform and a more eclectic collective to exhibit my fear of ghosts and ghost stories! This one’s going to be a nightmare for this dream team,” Karan Johar adds. Yes, Karan, what a dream team this will be.

I mean, Johar seems excited about it, why shouldn’t you? 😛

Netflix India replies:

Ugh! The connection!

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