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With 24 nominations to its name, Netflix caps Oscars night with just 2 awards

As a fan of Netflix, I’m deeply saddened. The streaming platform boasted of a whopping 24 nominations for the 2020 Oscar show––easily the company’s record for Oscars noms. However, out of the 24 nominations, they only got to win two tonight with Laura Dern’s Best Supporting Actress for Marriage Story and Best Feature Documentary American Factory. Obama wins a whole lot, doesn’t he? Ah, the world is in balance again.

The 24 nominations were well-deserved by Netflix. The majority of the 24 nominations came from Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman with 10 but alas, came up short and winning none of those. 6 of the 24 came from Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story, which obviously got to win one of the two. Considering The Irishman cost $200 million to make, we might have thought it should have won at least one but I guess money isn’t power anymore. Since we’re in the topic of shelling out money, the streaming platform also put out $100 million for its 2019-20 awards season campaign. Compare that to the average theatrical studio average of around $5 million to $20 million and you’ll see the disparity between businesses. Netflix wanted to win.

It’s been a rough couple of month for the streaming giant. They charged head-on to the Golden Globes with 34 nominations combined from films and TV. In that awards night, they also just won 2: Best Supporting Actress for Laura Dern, and a Best Actress TV Drama win for Olivia Coleman from The Crown. Now, is it still debatable that The Irishman should have been in the Golden Globes when it flunked during the Oscars? We’d never know.

Next stop for Netflix: The Emmys. Although, I would think Netflix will be looking at the next Oscars. They’d be having a star-studded line-up of Ron Howard’s Hillbilly Elegy with Amy Adams, Glenn Close and Freida Pinto, George Clooney’s Good Morning, Midnight with Felicity Jones, and of course, David Fincher’s Mank with Gary Oldman.

Netflix will be back with a vengeance. Netflix is just starting to dominate every nomination there is, and time will come eventually. Onwards, Netflix!

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