‘Netflix Party’ is the only party you need so you can watch your favorite series with friends

No malls, no movie theatres, no bars, and social distancing? Welp, there goes all my friends too, I guess––SIKE! Netflix is here to help us to kind of hang out with our friends through their new Netflix Party extension! Now, you can binge-watch some of your mutually favorite series with the gang!

Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that enables you and your friends to automatically sync their platforms remotely. Added bonus: the chat system WHILE watching! How cool is that?

According to the web store description, “Netflix Party is a Chrome extension for watching Netflix remotely with friends, e.g., for movie nights with that long-distance special someone. It synchronizes video playback and adds group chat.”

After installing the extension, one of your friends (or family members) can startup the series to the episode or the movie of choice and click the toolbar icon to generate a link. By then, once you have sent the link, your friends can sign into the streaming platform and open the shared link in Google Chrome and then click on the red “NP” initials in the toolbar––syncing the feed and enabling access to the chat area on the right side of the screen.

If you’re still confused, here’s a quick guide from Tom’s Guide

1. Download Netflix Party from the Chrome Web Store.
2. Sign into Netflix on your Chrome web browser and select a video.
3. Create your party by clicking the red “NP” icon in the extensions area next to the address bar.
4. Select whether you want to have sole control over playback or allow others to have control.
5. Copy the party URL and send it to your friends.
6. To join someone else’s Netflix party, click the party URL and then click the “NP” icon to watch Netflix with friends at the same time and chat during playback.
7. Click your user icon in the top right corner to change your icon.

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