Netflix’s ‘Restaurants on the Edge’ co-host Nick Liberato talks restauranteurs amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Chef, restaurateur, and Top Chef and Bar Rescue veteran in Nick Liberato shares a piece of wisdom towards his fellow struggling restaurant owners during the pandemic.

It’s been months now since we have all been stuck at home and probably ordering take out, but Liberato is giving us a form of escape in his show Resaurants on the Edge.

If you miss going to restaurants and rewarding yourself with some great food, this Netflix series features Liberato and his crew going to restaurants in beautiful locations all around the world. However, that’s all they have: good scenery with no menu quite at par. The series is part travelogue and part cooking show with a drizzle of renovating.

Many are struggling to survive out there, but Liberato told ABC Audio that restaurant owners “need to be able to do is create the best experience you possibly can for when the guest is there. Whether you’re wearing a mask and have, sanitizing stations and…paperless menus and cashless transactions, you just gotta do what you’ve got to do in order to bring the money in and to get people back to their somewhat normal lives.”

Liberato adds, “You know, the restaurant business has always been a crazy business…you have to be able to keep up a consistent experience that you’re giving your guests.”

He explains, “We really need to stay focused on being the best we could possibly be in this time. So that…we’re going to be able to come out of this with our businesses being more sustainable than they were before. And stronger.”

Liberato advises owners, “Use your time wisely. Be creative. Have fun….[E]ventually, we’ll get back to our old lives and we’ll and we’ll be a renaissance. We’ll have our own Roaring 20s here. And I truly believe we have some really good times ahead.”

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