Netflix Has Revealed its Pick for Selena Quintanilla’s Series


A while ago we learned that Netflix was preparing a two-season series based on the life of the Tex-Mex Idol, Selena Quintanilla, but we hadn’t known much since.

Now, we know who’ll portray Selena: Christian Serratos, who you may know for her role in The Walking Dead as Rosita Espinosa. The 28-year old actress is still negotiating with Netflix due to schedule issues, but it seems the deal seems will be official at any time.

Selena was one of the top Latino artists of the late 20th Century and the top idol of Tejano music. She was a star singer but also a businesswoman, as she became a fashion designer and also was a model and actress.

Unfortunately, we lost her too young: she was killed when she was 23 years old in 1995 by the president of her Fans Club and administrator of her clothing franchise ‘Selena Etc’, Yolanda Saldívar.

After hearing many stories of the awful work Saldívar was doing directing her network of boutiques and receiving proofs that Saldívar was forging checks in her name, Selena decided to fire her. In return, Saldívar killed her with a gunshot after an altercation.

As many may remember, Selena’s life was taken to the big screen two years after her death: Jennifer Lopez played Selena in a not-so-successful biopic directed by Gregory Nava in 1997.

Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla, her sister, Suzette, and the family’s lawyer, Simran A. Singh are featured as executives producers of the show. ‘Selena: The Series’ will start filming next month in Mexico and will have two seasons. This will be Serrato’s first major role, after her role in TWD and secondary performances in many Nickelodeon Series and in the Twilight Saga.

There’s still no word on the rest of the cast or a release date. We’ll more than likely hear from Netflix soon. Stay tuned.


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