One of Netflix’s most creative animated series in ‘The Hollow’ cancelled after two seasons

After what was a fruitful two seasons from The Hollow, their social media accounts have said that the series has, unfortunately, ended. Here’s everything you need to know about the animated series’ cancellation.

If you’re not a fan of animated shows, chances are if you’ve watched this one, you’re more likely to actually binge this one compared to the others. However, if you’re not familiar with the animated series, let us have the honor to fill you in on what you have to know.

The series was created by a handful of dedicated and creative minds––Vito Viscomi, Josh Mepham, Kathy Antonsen Rocchio, and Greg Sullivan. With the culmination of their works, they’ve created one of the best-animated series on the platform, especially for kids. Not to mention how the stories are so specially unique.

The story of the series started back in June of 2018, then the announcement of a second season followed right after––maybe Netflix, then, considered what the creators have poured in on this series. However, it took a little less than two years for the second season to drop on the streaming giant in May of 2020.

On the 31st of August, however, the official @TheHollow_TV Twitter account tweeted a short video with a quote from Alfred Tennyson saying:

“Let us swear an oath, and keep it an equal mind,
In the hollow Lotos-land to live and lie reclined
On the hills like Gods together, careless of mankind.”

After the quote, it just said: “GAME OVER,” and then thanking all those who supported the series along the way.

The tweet also reads: “We’ve had an amazing time making this show. Thank you fans for all your passion and support!”

Connor Parnall, who got the chance to voice on the series said:

Well everyone, it’s been an amazing ride and I can’t thank you all enough for the love and laughs along the way

And tbh I didn’t even know we weren’t renewed until I saw this tweet, so I promise I wasn’t trying to get anyone’s hopes up

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