What’s Coming to Netflix This Week: August 19th – August 25th, 2019

If, like me, you have already binged your way the new season of Mindhunter, and watched both the Netflix Original Little Switzerland and the classic Punisher (2004), there are some good titles to look forward to this week.


There are actually quite a few new Netflix Original Series sneaking onto our screen this month, some of which promise to be future fan favourites.

Hyperdrive (Season One) – 21 August

Netflix Hyperdrive
This new series is a non-scripted docu-drama that follows the challenges of tournament drivers as they compete in Rochester, one of the largest automotive courses in the world. Unexpectedly this series is executive produced by none other than actress Charlize Theron, and it will be interesting to see if it can grip audiences.

Love Alarm (Season One) – 22 August

Netflix Love Alarm
This new Korean series, starring Kim So-hyun and Jung Ga-ram, starts with the idea that a young developer creates an app which lets someone know if someone within a ten-metre radius has feelings for them. How will the success of the app change the life if the developer, and disrupt society as a whole?

Deadwind (Season One) – 23 August

Netflix Deadwind
This Finnish crime drama promises to be another binge worthy Netflix Original series that will hook fans of Scandinavian noir.  Detective Sofia Karppi (Pilha Viitala)is attempting to rebuild her life after the death of her husband. However, as she must solve a new grievous murder case, she finds her life spinning even further out of control.

Follow This (Season One) – 23 August

Netflix Follow This
While there are quite a few shows out there that romanticise the high days of journalism, what does modern online, in the minute journalism actually look like? Find out in this series that follows a Buzzfeed journalist as they track down and develop stories.

Ghoul (Season One) – 24 August

Netflix Ghoul
This Indian horror miniseries draws on Arab folklore to create a dystopian, fascist future. A dreaded terrorist finds himself under interrogation in a secret government facility when a series of horrifying supernatural events erupt. But how are they all related?

The Innocents (Season One) – 24 August

Netflix Innocents
This new British series follows two teens, June (Sorcha Groundsell) and Harry (Percelle Ascott), as they decide to run away together. However, they soon discover that June has supernatural abilities, and they find themselves sucked into a world they couldn’t have imagined. Guy Pierce as always stands out in his supporting role.

We will also be seeing season three of Thirteen Reasons Why and the sixth season of the acclaimed US crime drama Power. For anime fans, season two of Hero Mask will also be arriving so we can continue to follow the adventures of James Blood.


When it comes to films, this week is a great one for documentaries.

American Factory – 21 August

Netflix American Factory

This is the first documentary film to hit Netflix that was developed in partnership with the Obama’s production company. It looks at a Chinese car plant that has taken up residence in the abandoned General Motors car plant in Dayton, Ohio. It looks at the impact of the car industry on both individuals and the community.

El Pepe: Una Vida Suprema – 23 August

Netflix El Pepe

This documentary by award-winning Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica, looks at the life of the former guerrilla fighter that rose t become the president of Uruguay, Jose ‘Pepe’ Mujica.

The After Party – 24 August

This film follows a young aspiring rapper and his best-friend-cum-manager over the course of a single night as they try to get the attention of a big-name artist and launch themselves on the path to fame and fortune. There are some great performances from newcomers Kyle Harvey and Harrison Holzer.

In terms of classic films, we have Daniel Day Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio delivering powerful performances with impeccable Irish accents in the Gangs of New York (2002) (Cameron Diaz’s accent is not so good). You can also watch Jack Black and Michael Cera take an epic comedy journey through history in Year One (2009).

Stand-Up Comedy

If you love stand up shows, you can get your laughs with new live sets from Bert Kreischer, Simon Amstell, and the legendary Dave Chappelle.

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