Netflix’s ‘White Lines’ stars Angela Griffin and Daniel Mays defends the drug use in their series

White Lines has taken Netflix by storm and is one of the privileged talks of the town. The series follows the story of Tom Rhys Harries’ character in DJ Axel. After being exposed to the bright lights, the fame, and the parties, DJ Axel’s body was found in a desert––completely mummified––20 years later after he goes missing. In the series, Laura Haddock’s character in Zoe, which happens to be DJ Axel’s sister, is informed about the unfortunate discovery and goes on a scavenger hunt to find whoever did this to his brother a whole two decades ago.

However, whilst in her hunt, she finds herself in the Ibiza drug scene leading her down a path she never knew she’d be taking.

In an interview with, Angela Griffin and Daniel Mays defended the series for a potential glamorization of drug use and the unfortunate circumstances one might face in abusing it.

Angela Griffin, who plays Anna in the series, says that “the way that it’s shot makes it look like they are all having the most incredible time,” the former Coronation Street star confessed before adding: “But we also see the fallout and the fact that they’re really not having the most incredible time at all.”

“The whole series I think, gives that behind the scenes look at what actually goes on, you know?”

“It may look like everyone’s having the time of their life, but it’s such a dark side of society.”

In the series, Daniel Mays plays Marcus, the ex-husband of Anna and best friend of deceased DJ Axel, who finds himself supporting his family through his DJ career and dealing drugs during his sets. When asked the question, he answers: “I don’t know if it necessarily glamorises it. Obviously, it’s part and parcel of what this show is about, it’s not everything about it, but it is a big component.”

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