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Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ put Formula 1 on the map, says Renault’s F1 Driver

Formula 1 has been steaming the road (did you see what I did there?) for the past year and the sport really deserves it. In a world where basketball, soccer and football (is it okay to put the last two sports in the same sentence?) reign, it’s feels nice to become accustomed or a fan to another.

Daniel Ricciardo, prestige Renault driver, stated that Netflix documentary series Drive to Survive helped out in putting the sport on the map, especially in the United States.

Just like F1, Ricciardo has been getting his own steam (not the bad kind) after getting featured in Netflix’s other F1 documentary special. If you don’t know about it, it basically followed his story especially his decision in pursuing Renault over his original team, Red Bull, at the end of the 2018 season.

During The Daily Show with Trevor Noah last week, Ricciardo spoke up about the immeasurable impact the series has done for Formula 1 in the country.

“I definitely feel F1 is becoming much more of a thing here in the States. Drive to Survive put it on the map,” Ricciardo stated.

“I spend a bit of time in the States, and up until a year ago, not really anyone would say ‘Hi’ to me – not in a bad way, but they wouldn’t recognize me for being an F1 driver. And now it’s all: ‘We saw you on Netflix, it was great, Drive to Survive.’ We wear helmets, so not many people can see our faces a lot of the time. Putting a face to a name, that helped.”

“For me, growing up in Australia, in the sunshine and living close to the beach, it turns your personality into a bit of happiness,” Ricciardo added.

“I’m doing my dream job. You have to be reminded sometimes, you get so competitive. Sometimes [you can get so] caught up in it that you do forget a little bit of perspective.”

“I travel the world to drive cars in circles, which is pretty awesome.”

Ricciardo is awesome, too. Drive to Survive is equally as awesome and before you watch the next one on the 28th of February, make sure to watch the first documentary and tell me if you don’t get hooked.

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