Netflix’s ‘Extraction’ star Chris Hemsworth reacts to the action thriller’s success

Chris Hemsworth is a walking awards show at this point. This time, he’s about to break one of the most esteemed records Netflix-wise.

Thor––sorry––Hemsworth’s new action thriller, Extraction, for the streaming platform, produced by the epic tandem that is Joe and Anthony Russo, which just arrived on the streamer on the 24th of April is on pace to be one of the most notorious films on the platform with more than 90 million households under its belt in its first month alone.

Hemsworth took it to Instagram to celebrate such a feat and wrote: “Tyler Rake is kicking ass. Extraction is well on its way to becoming the biggest-ever film premiere on Netflix – with an estimated 90m households getting in on the action in the first fours weeks. Thanks to everyone who watched so far!”

Here’s a synopsis if you’re yet to watch the action thriller!

“Harry Turner works for the CIA like his father Leonard. He wants to do fieldwork but he’s constantly being denied. He is stationed in Prague and his father’s good friend keeps an eye on him. Later they receive word that Leonard, who was in New Jersey making sure a piece of hardware called Condor arrives, that Leonard and the Condor’s been taken. The Director tries to find it and Harry wants to help but won’t let him. So he bolts and goes to New Jersey. The director decides to let one of their agents who is Harry’s ex to find Leonard and the Condor. She was also told to find Harry and send him back to Prague. But when she finds him, he convinces her to let him find his father and the Condor.”

However, Extraction isn’t the only one benefitting from the quarantine period as documentaries Tiger King and The Last Dance are also killing it in ratings and in views.

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