Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Cobra Kai’ dominates the Nielsen Streaming Rankings

To no surprise at all, Lucifer has remained in the top spot in Nielsen’s streaming rankings. As the show already previewed the series’ first part of the fifth season, the number one spot deservingly goes to the Urban Fantasy TV series for the last week of August with two billion minutes viewed. Either Lucifer fans were looking for easter eggs for the second part or the sixth season, or there really just was that many people watching the series.

Taking the number two spot, just below Lucifer, is a former YouTube drama in Cobra Kai that debuted in the rankings with 1.4 billion minutes viewed.

Cobra Kai serves as the follow-up story to the legendary Karate Kid franchise. On the 28th of August, the series made its debut on the streaming giant alongside its first two seasons. Starring comeback kings Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, the streamer has taken over the series that boasts of the story 30 years later from the original franchise. The third season will be coming next year, 2021.

Netflix has dominated the streaming service game for quite the while now, but not normally on this level. The metrics all account for Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, and Hulu––but the top 10 was just all Netflix with either fresh series or the classics. Rounding up the top 10 are The Office, The Legend of Korra, The Umbrella Academy, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Shameless, NCIS, and Cocomelon.

The rankings are one of the more statistical ones, not just by the audiences’ preferred taste. It accounts for all the minutes consumed by the subscribers in the United States––so if you’re series is bigger out of the country, then maybe that’s the reason why it isn’t on the list.

According to Nielsen’s list, here are the top 10 rankings––including all the titles and how many minutes subscribers have watched:

  1. Lucifer – 2.01B
  2. Cobra Kai – 1.43B
  3. The Office – 192.9M
  4. The Legend of Korra – 808M
  5. The Umbrella Academy – 758M
  6. Grey’s Anatomy – 703M
  7. Criminal Minds – 671M
  8. Shameless – 637M
  9. NCIS – 527M
  10. Cocomelon – 336M

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