What’s new on Prime Video this week (June 15 – June 21)

June is going to be a slow month for the Amazon streaming platform. They will only have three original releases, but the few releases will be compensated in quality. This month we will have jewels like ‘7500’ or Gina Brillon’s show ‘The Floor Is Lava.’

But let’s get down to business, here are all this week’s original premieres on Amazon Prime Video:

June 15th

The U.S. vs. John Lennon:’ Starting this week, the documentary film about the musical idol John Lennon is available. The documentary explored Lennon’s life when he began to move from being a member of The Beatles to be one of the world’s voices of anti-war activism. We will see details of his life during the 1960s and learn more about the attempts of the Richard Nixon government to silence him.

June 18th

‘Crawl:’ Fans of the horror genre will have something to watch this week. ‘Craw’l is a film written by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen and Alexandre Aja. Aja also directs the film. ‘Crawl’s’ plot develops after a massive category 5 hurricane sweeps through the state of Florida. The story focuses on Haley’s (Kaya Scodelario) efforts to rescue her father from an impending flood, but when she finally manages to find her father, they discover that the rising water level is the least of their problems. If you’re wondering if it’s worth seeing, I’m telling you that the acceptance rate is over 80%, so you’ll have a good time if you decide to see it this June 18th.

The film is produced by Paramount Pictures and was initially released in 2019.

Joining Scodelario in the cast of ‘Crawl’ will be Barry Pepper, Anson Boon, Ross Anderson, George Sommer, Morfydd Clark, Annamaria Serda, Savannah Steyn, and José Palma.

June 19th

‘7500’ – Original Amazon Prime Movie: Joseph Gordon-Levitt returns to the screens in style starring in this Amazon Prime Video movie. In ‘7500,’ we will follow the story of Tobias, a co-pilot of an airplane that is involved in a hijacking. That’s when he’ll have to make the hardest decisions of your life to keep the hijackers from entering the plane’s cockpit.

Other actors who will accompany Josheph Gordon-Levitt in ‘7500’ are Aurélie Thépaut, Christian Skibinski, Denis Schmidt, Nino Porzio and Max Schimmelpfenning.

You can watch the trailer here and get ready to see ‘7500’ on Friday:

June 21st

‘Life In Pieces,’ seasons 1-4: you can end the week with the premiere of the four seasons of the American sitcom created by Justin Adler. The ‘Life In Pieces’ story is about three generations of a small family and their life in Los Angeles County.

Each episode of the series is directed and told as if it were four short stories, usually one for each of the family branches. But then each story begins to intertwine with the others to give the plot the complexity needed to make it engaging.

While we wait for more original releases from Amazon Prime Video, this week brings us jewels that we can’t miss. We will be watching any launch of the platform, but for now, we can sit back and relax while enjoying these four releases on Amazon’s streaming platform.

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