‘Norsemen’ Season 3: The comedy’s release date, plot, trailer, and more

Will you look at that? Another international series renewed by Netflix. I told you––the platform is storming with its diverse releases. This time, we’re making our way up to the rich Viking–filled heritage in Norway.

Norsemen, undoubtedly one of the funniest and most underrated Norwegian comedy series on the platform, is coming back to its home in Netflix. Its new episodes from season three will be premiering on the 22nd of July, 2020 all around the globe, so better hang onto your seats.

First airing on NRK1, the comedy series boasted of a story about the Vikings living in the year 790. What was once known as Vikingane in its home country of Norway, it was later released on the streaming giant to not only be a part of the streamer but to become a Netflix Original titled Norsemen.

Fun fact for everyone! The first-ever Netflix Original was Lilyhammer and coincidentally, it was also a Norwegian Netflix Original. Similar to LilyhammerNorsemen is also spoken in English––in case you were scared you wouldn’t be able to understand a thing.

Waiting for the third season wasn’t a joke for those who were wondering. In fact, people may have even forgotten about the series for how long it wasn’t renewed. Quick context: the second season of the series premiered on the platform in September 2018 so basically, it took almost two years to come to the people. Either way, people are just glad that season three is happening.




For Norwegian fans though, Season 3 appeared earlier this year so if you don’t want any spoilers before it releases––might as well not search for hashtags on social media.

In total, there will be six episodes coming to Netflix on the 22nd of July. Expect it to be the same comedic experience as both Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen have returned to the directing and writing teams.

The last few months and weeks have been thoroughly depressing. If it just ever crosses your mind to take a break and get rejuvenated for whatever crazy thing the world decides to bring upon us, make sure to put this series on your watch list. However, never forget that what you’re fighting for never rests. Throughout all of it, we will be with you.

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