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Official: Friends is Leaving Netflix in 2020 for WarnerMedia’s HBO Max

Friends are forever, they said. But I guess that’s not the case with Netflix. Our beloved comedy show and all of its 10 seasons are officially leaving Netflix before 2020 and will be exclusive for HBO Max, WarnerMedia’s new streaming platform.

Paying a whopping $100 million for a one-year deal to keep Friends, Netflix solved the problem amassing the panic of both Netflix and Friends fans following the news of a reported January 2019 expiration date.

HBO Max is scheduled to get under way early in 2020. To my surprise, it’s already offering a wide variety of original shows like Ansel Elgort’s Tokyo Vice and Anna Kendrick’s Love Life.

Friends isn’t the only beloved show that’s coming to HBO Max. Pretty Little Liars and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air will all make their debuts on the streaming service on 2020.

“[Friends is] content that we would definitely want on our platform, and is obviously very important to Netflix as well,” said Randall Stephenson, current chairman and CEO of AT&T. “Is it necessary to be exclusive to WarnerMedia on their product? No, it’s not necessary, it’s just important that we have the content.”

“Sharing destination assets is not a good model,” said Kevin Riley, the Chief Creative Officer of WarnerMedia, on splitting shows with other streaming platforms. My belief is they should be exclusive to the service.

So if there’s anything you are doing right now, stop—it may just be time to binge-watch Friends on Netflix and say goodbye to the beautiful face of Matt LeBlanc a.k.a Joey Tribbiani… well, at least on Netflix.

We have less than a year of Friends on Netflix and it doesn’t feel as good as it should. It took 10 seasons, an average of about 40 minutes per episode, and a whole lot of how you doin’ to keep us at bay. Enjoy it while it lasts, friends.

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