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One Piece is coming to Netflix with its live-action series

Netflix and anime doesn’t really sound fitting, but it works. It’s like being a coffee person but instead got hot chocolate in the morning. It still works, and I would love to have hot chocolate right now.

Recently, Netflix just ordered a live-action show based on the anime behemoth that is One Piece. The anime is both a popular manga and anime franchise, both crushing in their own fields. The live-action will feature ten episodes and will be from Shueisha and Tomorrow Studios––the same studio that Cowboy Bebop, a personal Netflix favorite, came from.

Lost and The X-Files producer, Steven Maeda, will be running, writing and executive producing the show. That sentence was not at all fun to write. Together with Maeda will be Luke Cage and Agents of SHIELD‘s own Matt Owens. One Piece‘s own creator, Eiichiro Oda, and Tomorrow Studios’ Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements will also be a part of the all-star team. Apparently, these were all planned out three years ago but Netflix was really on thin ice with the idea back then.

If you can read and speak fluent Japanese then you wouldn’t have a hard time reading that. If you can’t, then here’s a better and agreeably clearer picture of what Oda wants to say to you.

“I know I announced the production of this back in 2017, but these things take time,” Oda wrote on a note he left on Twitter. “Preparations have been slowly progressing behind the scenes, and it seems that I can finally make the big announcement: Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, will be lending us their tremendous production support! This is so encouraging! How far will the story progress over the 10 episodes of Season 1? Who will be cast?! Please be patient a little longer and stay tuned!”

Oh, this will be fun.

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