Amazon Prime Video just released the first trailer for ‘Pan y Circo’, the new series by Diego Luna

The production of Amazon Prime Video and La Corriente del Golfo will arrive on August 7 at the company’s streaming platform and will feature seven episodes.

The series is a production where Diego Luna will host dinners, prepared by the most renowned chefs in the country, with guests from different fields to create a dialogue based on current issues: such as racism, climate change, drug legalization COVID-19, migration, among others.

Watch the trailer here:


In the first images of the official trailer, you can see Diego Luna reminiscing about what will happen in the production of ‘Pan y Circo.’ Through a journey through different parts of the country, from Baja California, through Puebla, Quintana Roo, and Mexico City, the actor’s guests will gather at the table.

The dialogue will begin around this event between activists, politicians, actors, activists, and more guests. In total, the show will feature 38 guests and six world-class chefs.

The trailer also shows how the production of ‘Pan y Circo’ had to adapt to the complications presented by the pandemic, using the tools of technology through video conferences to finish some of the episodes.

The table is set to receive this production, created by the actor Diego Luna, as part of his production company’s projects, which, with the addition of Amazon Prime Video, will take them to have an exposure to more than 200 countries and territories.

The first three episodes will arrive on the day of its premiere, while two new ones will be available each week after that.

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