‘Paradise PD’ Season 3: Renewal, Release Date, and more about the animated series

Possibly one of the wildest animated series to ever grace Netflix is Paradise PD. The first season was wild while the second season was even wilder, with these seasons in mind, fans are left wanting more. So, is Paradise PD up for another season or has the streaming giant ended the young career of a poised series––let’s see here.

Let’s start with what you already know. Paradise PD is a Netflix Original adult animated comedy series created by Waco O’Guin and Roger Black. Yes, emphasis on the “adult”. Alongside O’Guin and Black is Bento Box Entertainment for production who is also responsible for the production of Bob’s Burgers and Brickleberry. That’s a collection of series if I’ve ever seen one.

Realistically, the show is a combination of all the things we’ve been watching during our childhoods: American DadThe SimpsonsFamily Guy, and more. The thing is, it’s on steroids. It’s completely, all-throughout crazy and their antics are wackier and wackier by the episode. Just how we like it here.

The fun part of the second season is that the show actually did a crossover with one of Bento Box Entertainment’s projects, Brickleberry. And with the delight of everyone including the Netflix team, the show was renewed a month after the second season premiered on the streaming giant.

O’Guin took it to his personal Twitter account to announce the news on the 8th of April, 2020. However, despite the handful of official Netflix accounts on the platform, none of them promoted the show nor was there a press release. I mean, we’re still happy O’Guin announced it himself!



17 months. It took 17 months before the second season premiered after the first. If the third season would follow the same schedule, we’ll see the upcoming installment in the late Summer of 2021. Netflix isn’t a big fan of giving release dates to their Originals so I guess we’ll just have to wait for further announcements by either the creators or the platform itself.



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