Pharrell Williams and Netflix’s ‘Voices of Fire’ release date, plot, and what to expect

Netflix has always given equal opportunities to its creators––whether they may be small ones or big ones. As you can see, the streaming giant has provided a platform for international directors, producers, actors, and the likes to share their masterpieces and crafts all over the world.

This time, we’re looking at a bigger spotlight and we’re not just talking about entertainment pillars––we’re talking about cultural backbone, and that’s none other than Pharrell Williams.

Mostly known for his music with the likes of HappyFeels, and Frontin’––the cultural artist will be sharing his talents with Netflix.

Gospel choirs have been in mainstream music for quite a while. Sometimes, you’d hear a choir in the background of Kanye and Chance the Rapper’s songs. However, in Pharrell’s new series, their soulful voices that can be heard in the heaves will be put to the test. Voices of Fire follows Williams and his hometown community leaders as they try to create the most soulful and inspiring gospel choirs.

If you’re excited about this, then hold on a little tighter as the series will be premiering on the streaming giant in 2020.

Pharrell, though, isn’t the only Williams on the show. Voices of Fire will also be featuring his uncle, Bishop Ezekiel Williams, alongside a team of legendary gospel leaders. This group will be traveling all around Hampton Roads, Virginia in the hopes to discover the next big thing. According to the Bishop, backstories and how they came about in the scene plays a huge role in their voice––giving it more meaning rather than just hitting notes. With that, the team won’t be searching for a specific person, they’ll be looking through a very diverse set of factors being age, ethnicity, and background.

Produced by A. Smith & Co. and i am OTHER alongside executive producers Pharrell Williams himself and Mimi Valdés representing i am OTHER and Arthur Smith and Frank Sinton for A. Smith & Co. and Bianca Barnes-Williams.

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