‘Pokémon Journey: The Series’ Part 2: Release Date and Plot of the Ash Ketchum and Goh special!

Pokémon has truly been comfortable with Netflix––easing into it with fans trailing behind it and new fans swarming around it. Fans were happy to know that they could easily stream the first set of episodes for Pokémon Journey: The Series but it doesn’t stop there. Part 2 of the series is happening, and it’s just around the corner.

If you don’t know the history behind the worldwide franchise, Pokémon has released a whopping 23 seasons since 1997. With new episodes to watch each year, the franchise also flaunts a handful of movies to watch and games to play non-stop. With each season, Pokémon games follow the iterations of the Pokémons and now, we’re in the world of Pokémon Sword & Shield alongside its eighth generation of ‘mons.

As far as the series goes, the most latest we’ve seen of it has seen home in Netflix––exclusively premiering the franchise’s content with Pokémon Journey: The Series plus an eventual movie in Mewtwo Strikes Back that premiered in the early days of 2020.

As for the plot, Ash Ketchum finally achieves his goal of being a Pokémon Master and goes back to Pallet Town in Kanto––where it all started. Following Ash along the journey isn’t Brock nor Misty, but Goh, a like-minded trainer whose goal is to catch every type of Pokémon in the universe. They’re hired by Professor Cerise to work for his new research lab, meaning a new set of challenges for the two young boys.

It hasn’t been easy for the series as due to the pandemic, the production process of the franchise went into a little hiatus between April and June. However, it’s back in business and the series will be coming to the platform on the 11th of September, 2020 wherein the second part of Pokémon Journeys is set out to release.

That means another 12 episodes to enjoy with a 13th hoping to join the series.

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