‘Pokémon Journeys’ Season 2: Where is it and when is it coming? Find out here

Pokémon Journeys has been a strong contender from Netflix’s side of the ring. It may have only just released its first season, but fans are already asking whether or not it’ll be returning for a second one. When the streaming giant broke out the news of them partnering with The Pokémon Company International, and would even be premiering their latest series in Journey, fans were ecstatic. Just like any other Pokémon story, it still revolves around Ash Ketchum, but now he’s accompanied by his new friends Goh and Chloe who certainly have different dynamics compared to Brock and Misty.

As for the first season, Pokémon Journeys is being released bit by bit––with the remaining few episodes to launch within the next quarter. But like what the fans are saying, they want season 2 already.


Sadly, there has been no official confirmation from the streaming platform just yet about the series’ renewal for a second installment. However, this isn’t at all surprising as the series has stepped into the platform for a short amount of time––and Netflix doesn’t renew series just like that. They try to gauge if people would really want a second season––so if you do, your voice matters on social media.

The thing is, there are already reports of season 2 already in the works. It may even already have been released in Japan.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an official release date just yet for the second installment of Pokémon Journeys. To go along with that, reports have been saying that the second season was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Keep your chin up, though! If the second season does get to push through, fans can expect the series to come around early 2021. If productions don’t get to work, though, this may get a bit pushed back even more. Let’s just wish it doesn’t.

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