Fried Chicken ‘n Chill: Popeyes to give out Netflix passwords

I really don’t know what to make of this marketing stunt but it sure is awesome as hell.

Popeyes and its epic adventure for social media engagement (even though they already have one) buffs up their campaign that recognizes that people are searching for, at this point, anything to do during the pandemic––maybe even a sort of distraction during this period of isolation. Considering that Popeyes is a brand that normalizes “treating everyone like family” then the concept of Netflix enabling families to share a single streaming account couldn’t be more relevant to the fast-food chain.

The fast-food chain has creatively adopted the slang term “Netflix and Chill,” using it as “Fried Chicken and Chill,” making it one of the best quotes I’ve heard in my life now that I’m imagining a bucket of fried chicken while streaming my favorite series. That’s the dream. A tweet was recently posted by the marketer themselves reading, “#SelfQuarantined at home and slowly losing your mind? We got you Popeyes Fam. With a streaming service password.”

Marketing, at this time, has proven to be one of the biggest challenges companies have encountered. Strategies revolving around the coronavirus pandemic can be seen as disrespectful and leaves a bad taste in your mouth especially when companies are taking advantage of such a crisis. As a result, companies have veered away and pulled back their concepts so as to prevent backlash and negative comments. Popeyes, however, zeroed in on the fact that many people during the lockdowns are stuck at their homes and watching streaming services like Netflix to pass the quarantine time.

Popeyes has been killing it, though (in a good way, of course!). They’re also taking this opportunity to maximize delivery orders which have been reported to be climbing as opposed to dining-in because of the pandemic.

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