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Amazon Prime Video releases the teaser of ‘Hunters’, starring Al Pacino

Amazon Prime Video released a short teaser of ‘Hunters,’ a new show starring Al Pacino as a Nazi Hunter in the 70s. If having Pacino on board is not enough for excitement, Academy Award-winner, Jordan Peele, serves as executive producer.

The show had been in production from 2017 and seemed to be stuck in the production underworld, but finally, we know it’s going on.

The 30-second sneak peek starts with Pacino saying “This is not murder,” before his character draws an X in the photo of an SS Nazi while intercalating a variety of violent scenes and finishing with Pacino saying “This is mitzvah.”

This is Pacino’s first TV series role. He plays Meyer Offerman, who is part of a “rag-tag team of Nazi Hunters on their quest for righteous revenge in 1977 New York City,” said Amazon in a press release. The official synopsis says that “The Hunters, as they’re known, have discovered that hundreds of high-ranking Nazi officials are living among us and conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the US. The eclectic team of Hunters will set out on a bloody quest to bring the Nazis to justice and thwart their new genocidal plans.”

The 10-episode series was initially called“The Hunt.” It will be released somewhere in 2020 (here’s hoping that in the first trimester) and it’s based on true events. David Weil is adapting it for the screen.

Watch the teaser trailer that has us all excited below:

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