Amazon Prime Video presents another trailer of ‘The Boys’ Season 2

The hunt has begun. The new trailer for ‘The Boys’ shows us more action, adrenaline, and madness in what will be the second part of the company’s successful series.

You can watch the trailer here:

Amazon Prime Video shows a little of what the second installment of the show has in store for us, which will arrive on the company’s platform in September. The group of “The Seven” will not rest until they find the whereabouts of the group ‘The Boys’, which will have to sneak out to stay safe. Crazier and more intense, that’s what next season will be like, as the first images of the trailer show.

On both sides, the members will have to adapt. In the case of ‘The Boys’, the team will seek to regroup without knowing anything about Butcher, while in the side of these powerful characters, Starlight must find its place in the group, while Homeland will seek to take control of everything.

A new member of the superhero group, Stormfront, who knows about social networks, will arrive to impose her own plans. This, without forgetting the new Super-Villains, who will seek to be center stage.

An explosion of emotions, overflowing with madness and ambition, will be present at the premiere of the second season of ‘The Boys’, which will arrive exclusively for Amazon Prime Video on September 4, with the first three chapters of the season.

Subsequent episodes will be available every Friday. The end of the season will come on October 9, with the eighth and last episode of the second part of ‘The boys.’ Since its arrival on the platform, the series has impressed its subscribers, becoming the most-watched series of the past year.

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