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Netflix series, Ragnarok, has an environmental message we all need to hear

Disclaimer: This is not AT ALL the Ragnarok you see Chris Hemsworth in, but it does have Thor. Also, Captain America and Iron Man are not in this series. Better luck next time, bud.

It’s just the second month of the year and so far, the world hasn’t been the safest with all its deaths, wars and climate change. Water is rising, volcanoes are erupting; man, 2020 is on a different level. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen more and more advocates do their best in saving the planet and honestly, it’s been working. I think the place we’re living in by now would’ve seen the second-coming already if it weren’t for them.

I present to you Netflix’s new Norwegian teen series Ragnarok! If you’re just like Greta Thunberg, you’ll love this series. One of the characters, Magne (the actual star of the show), will fight alongside you in burying those pesky pollutants of the world that cause environmental disasters. Oh, while we’re also in the topic of second-comings, Magne is actually the second coming of Thor. Just a little “fun fact” while you read this article through.

I’ll put it nicely. Ragnarok is a six-episode series that has its on charm in voicing out what they want to voice out. It subtlety shoves into your mouth (in a good way, I think) the positive message they want you to hear, and I’m all for it. It’s a Greek mythology series that has a little backspin to current real-life situations. It’s the actual best.

The tees in the series go to school, as they should. However, in that school, Magne has to go to class together with Jutul beings who dump some other-worldly chemicals into the water and then investigating what happens to fish, locals who get cancer from it, and even ice. Take all of the supernatural, mythological stuff out the window and what you have a severe case of a reality check. It serves as an alarm for society to become more active, more inclusive.

What I love about Ragnarok is that they don’t want the audience to like the Jutuls at all. That’s the message, and that’s what we all need to hear.


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