Renewed and Cancelled TV Shows of 2021



A new year is here, and you might be wondering if your favorite show will live to see another season. You might learn that your favorite show is about to meet its end a little too early for your liking, while others are about to come to a natural end. 

You might even jump for joy to learn that your favorites are getting renewed for another season, perfect for your binge-watching needs. Here are the top shows that were renewed and cancelled in 2021. 


CW Hit Shows:

You might be happy or surprised, but the CW renewed twelve of their most popular shows to come back for another season. These shows include fan favorites including Riverdale, The Flash, and a revamped Batwoman. It has been announced that Riverdale will take place seven years in the future, with Archie going off to war. 

The Blacklist 


The Blacklist is a long-running crime thriller that will see another season this year. The show stars Jame Spader and Megan Boone and is currently heading into their ninth season. It might be getting close to an end though since Spader’s character did reveal who the number one name on his blacklist was. 


It’s not a surprise that Bridgerton was picked up for a second season. The period romance, created by Shonda Rhimes, did spectacular on Netflix and is still one of its most popular shows today. The show follows a Regency-era London society obsessed with their standings, and a gossip newsletter makes it worse for then. The first season surrounded character Phoebe Dynevor but it has already been announced that the second season will focus on her older brother Anthony. 

The Flight Attendant 

HBO Max renewed The Flight Attendant for a second season, which isn’t surprising since it was just announced that they’re up for some major awards at the Golden Globes. The story is a thriller that follows a flight attendant who is caught in a murder and can’t remember what happened during a specific time period. 

Killing Eve

Killing Eve is coming hack for a fourth season on AMC and BBC America. If you haven’t watched this thriller of a show, it follows a spy that is after a killer and the pair is continually playing cat and mouse game. Each woman is equally obsessed with the other, and it makes for a great show. 

The Mandalorian 

Disney+ renewed this Star Wars show for another season after the first two did spectacular. The story follows a Mandalorian as he finds “the child” and keeps him safe from others that are after him. This isn’t the only Star War show to grace the Disney+ screens; the company announced a slew of shows that will follow popular characters in the franchise, including Boba Fett. 

Stranger Things

After an insane third season, fans will be happy to know that it is coming back for a fourth season and we can actually learn what happened to Hopper and what Russia is doing with the unknown. 


The Crown

Netflix will air the sixth and final season of this beloved show. Shockingly, The Crown got this far since Netflix is known to cancel shows after the third season to save money. 

Dead to Me: 

Season three will be the final season of this Netflix show as well. It follows an unlikely friendship of two women who become friends after one’s husband is murdered. The show is funny but also a little thrilling and suspenseful. 

His Dark Materials 

The third season of HBO’s His Dark Materials will close out this series. The show isn’t getting cancelled per se, but the story is naturally coming to an end.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians


After 20 seasons we will be saying bye to the Kardashians, well at least on E! The reality show hasn’t been performing as well. The cast says they are moving on with their lives, but there are rumors they will be coming back to Hulu with a whole new reality show. 


Netflix’s fan-favourite, Ozark, is coming to an end after its fourth season. The show follows a family that gets mixed up with the drug cartel and tries to do what they can to keep their head above water. 


This body-positive Hulu originally is ending after its third season. It follows a woman who learns not to be afraid to show who she truly is and to stand up for herself, even when she doesn’t look like a model or is worried about what others might say about her. The show is hilarious but also hits some challenging issues that people face right on the head. 


The CW is ending Supergirl after and the sixth season. The show is cancelled following the end of the beloved superhero show Arrow. Don’t worry, though, The Flash does live to see another season. 

The Walking Dead

Yes, this show is still on but will end after the 11th season. Some of our favorites characters are still fighting zombies and trying to survive in a world not made for them anymore. Their chapters will finally end on AMC. 


These are just a few shows that will or maybe not be gracing your screens this year. Some might come as a complete shock that they were cancelled, were looking at you Ozarks, and others are naturally coming to a good close for the viewers. If you are searching for a new show to watch, check out this list of the best new television shows of 2021.

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