‘Room 104′: Trailer and release date of the final season of The Duplass brothers’ surreal anthology

The acclaimed HBO series, ‘Room 104,’ will soon come to an end. Created by Mark and Jay Duplass, the half-hour anthology series that began in 2017 is ending this year with a final season that begins this July: to celebrate the announcement, HBO released the show’s new trailer.

With 12 new episodes, each telling a unique and unexpected story of characters passing through the same room in a typical American roadhouse motel, each installment of the series presents a different story. The tone, the plot, the characters, and even the time period change from one episode to the next.

Exploring a variety of genres, from dark comedy to science fiction, through a first animated episode of the series and several original songs, this season of ‘Room 104’ will surprise viewers week after week. We also know that the premiere episode will be the first time in the series that Mark Duplass stars, writes, directs, and performs original music.

The stories and characters in season four include a performer who gives a one-night stand; a woman who struggles with her dark past with addiction; a dollhouse; time travel, and more. Providing a final glimpse into the lives of the guests of ‘Room 104,’ the latest season proves to be another textbook example of writing, acting, and directing.

The cast of this last installment of the show will include Mark Duplass, Hari Nef, Logan Miller, Dave Bautista, Melissa Fumero, Vivian Bang, Kevin Nealon, Shannon Purser, Harvey Guillen, Gary Cole, Linda Lavin, Jennifer Kim, Kevin McKidd, Desean Terry, Leonardo Nam, Lily Gladstone, Jordyn Lucas, Natasha Perez, Jake Green, Ntare Mwine, Rebecca Hazlewood and Susan Park, among others.

Mark and Jay Duplass are back as producers, and this latest season of ‘Room 104’ begins airing on Friday, July 24th. It will be available on HBO and HBO Max. Check out the trailer below:

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