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RuPaul is back, baby! AJ and the Queen is about to hit us!

I’m a hustler, baby.

RuPaul Charles, goddess of RuPaul’s Drag Race, has had a fruitful thirty years in the business as a drag queen, author, businessman and TV host. For Ru, these are but professions––what Ru wants you to know is that he’s a goddamn hustler.

I’ll tell you right now; if we had half of the confidence and elegance Ru has in his arsenal right now, we’d be way better off. “Even as a kid, I felt like the boy who fell to Earth. And I thought, ‘OK, let’s do this thing’ … Good, bad, ugly, indifferent? Let’s do it all,” he told CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers. That same confidence he possesses has given him careers in music, movies, talk shows, TV series, and but of course, his hosting career in a reality TV show. His resumé just goes on and on and on.

Oh, and, I forgot to mention that he’s the first drag queen to ever have a star in the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame.

RuPaul isn’t new to Netflix as he has starred for shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and its All Stars version, Skin WarsGirlboss, and Archibald’s Next Big Thing. Now, RuPaul’s about to lengthen that list with his new Netflix show, Aj and the Queen.

“For so many years in this business … I had to push the emotions way down,” RuPaul said. “This role calls on me to bring those emotions up and be vulnerable.” In the new show, his figure goes all around the country with AJ, a 10-year-old stowaway, who’s going to be played by the young Izzy G.

In the interview, RuPaul was asked how the LGBTQ community and drag queens were seen in today’s society. “Still a long way to go, and … it’s an emotional, personal struggle that each person has to make.”

“Don’t take yourself too seriously, queen,” he added.

And for the fans’ treat, RuPaul said: “TV is the place for me, darling.”

And here he is, on another Netflix special. AJ and the Queen is almost here! Here’s the trailer:

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