10 Scariest Shows to Watch on Netflix Right Now

It is hard to explain why we like a good scare, and why horror is such a popular genre. The only thing better than a good horror movie, is a great horror series that can extend the tension and keep you guessing and screaming far beyond the two-hour limit for scary movies.

Thankfully for fans, there are some truly creepy shows on Netflix that don’t just rely on cheap thrills, but tell truly disturbing stories that could keep you up at night. If you like a good scare, check out these ten very scare shows on Netflix.

Black Summer (2019-)

IMDB Score 6.3/10

This series is set during the early days of a Zombie apocalypse, a scary prospect as of the many end of the world scenarios, it seems one of the most likely. Jamie King stars as a young mother, Rose, who is separated from her daughter near the start of the apocalypse. Over the eight episodes of the first season, she goes on a quest to find her daughter, and finds herself part of a refugee group which has taken on a brutal approach to life.

Dark (2019-)

IMDB Score 8.7/10

This German horror series is set in the aftermath of a child’s disappearance. The subsequent investigation reveals dark secrets about many of the people living in this small town. Told in a non-linear fashion, the secrets of four families are unravelled over three generation. But is time static, or are the crimes of the past very much in the present. Starring the best of German acting as these characters are portrayed across time, including Louis Hofmann, Andreas Pietschmann and Dietrich Hollinderbaumer.

Dracula (2020-)

IMDB Score 6.8/10

This new series about one of the oldest evils is a collaboration between Netflix and the BBC. It is written by Sherlock writer Stephen Moffatt, and Claes Bang stars as the titular character. The three episodes in this first season dips into the origins of Dracula, showing how he came to be without taking any of the monstrosity away from the character, who we see is still active in the modern-day.

Glitch (2019-)

IMDB Score 7.4/10

This Australian psychological thriller series is set in a small country town when, without explanation, many of the dead start coming back to life. They are in perfect health, but have no memory, and no explanation. Starring Patrick Brammall and Emma Booth. As their characters start to unravel their mysteries, an even more lethal threat descends which may mean the end of life as we know it.

Haunted (2018-)

IMDB Score 4.5/10

This documentary anthology series sits down with those who claim to have experienced the paranormal and re-enacts their experiences. This show is well produced to resemble the best horror films, but more than that, the idea that these experiences could be real, make the whole thing just that much scarier.

The Haunting of Hill House (2018-)

IMDB Score 8.7/10

Arguably one of the best shows to come out on Netflix in 2018, and certainly the creepiest, this series follows a family in the present dealing with the aftermath of living in an apparently haunted house many years earlier. We unravel the mystery of what really happened in that house through memories, and watch the consequences play out in the present day. Starring Elizabeth Reader, Kate Siegel, Henry Thomas and Carla Gugino, we are looking forward to season two, which will arrive sometime in 2020.

Marianne (2019)

IMDB Score 7.5/10

This French horror series follows a novelist named Emma (Victoire Du Bois), who discovers that the horror characters that she portrays in her books also exist in the real world, and that she may be responsible for what happens to them. While she would like to turn her back on her writing, she finds herself being drawn back in.

The Mist (2017-)

IMDB Score 5.4/10

Based on a Stephen King novella, you know that this show is destined to be creepy. It all starts when a mysterious mist descends on a small town, making it impossible to see your hand in front of your face. But there is more to fear from the most, as those who find themselves trapped in the mist alone die. As groups of people hide from the mist, they also start to see apparitions of their past wrongs. Starring Megan Spector and Alyssa Sutherland.

October Faction (2020-)

IMDB Score 6/10

This show that only launched in January 2020 follows a husband and wife team of monster hunters who must return to his hometown with their children after the death of his father. They start by hiding their identities, but soon discover that there is more to the town than meets the eyes, and some secrets from their past. Starring Tamara Taylor, J.C. MacKenzie and Megan Follows.

The Sinner (2018-)

IMDB Score 8/10

What would cause a young mother (Jessica Biel) to brutally murder a man in broad daylight with seemingly no motive and no explanation? That is what our investigator (Bill Pullman) is trying to figure out. He finds himself sucked into a world of religious fanaticism, where there is more to everything than meets the eye.

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