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Shrill Season 2: Official release date and synopsis announced by Hulu

The last we knew of ‘Shrill’ was Annie on the top of her life: she left her awful job after posting her “Hello, I’m Fat” on social media, started a hopeful relationship with Ryan (played by Luka Jones), and, last but not least, faced her online troll.

Now, we know the series led by Saturday Night Life star, Aidy Bryant, has a Season 2 around the corner. Hulu announced that Season 2 would come at the beginning of 2020, more precisely, on Friday, January 24. The second season of ‘Shrill’ will consist of eight episodes.

The new season begins with Annie on the top of the world after growing up and confronting her demons, “She also has her boyfriend Ryan by her side. But the high doesn’t last long. Annie realizes that quitting her job was a hasty move. This season Annie is no longer the doormat she once was, but it’s not as easy as she thought to get what she always imagined she wanted.” She faces problems with her parents, played by Daniel Stern and Julia Sweeney, and starts doubting her relationship with Ryan, too. Also, thanks to the first images of Season 2, we know that there will be some skating involved.

Season 1’s end didn’t leave much space for speculation about what Season 2 may be about after leaving Annie’s life in such a high spot, but now we know some of Season 2 new plotlines. A trailer will probably be revealed shortly. Here’s hoping that Bryant’s performance continues making Annie grow as a character.

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