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Silicon Valley season 6 trailer: The final season takes on teach giants

Silicon Valley‘ is one of the series HBO’s successful shows ending in 2019 after a string of fame, joining all-time phenomenon, ‘Game of Thrones’ and sports favorite ‘Ballers.’ Some time ago, HBO revealed Season 6 would be the last and it would have only seven episodes.

We had a teaser trailer some time ago but yesterday, HBO revealed ‘Silicon Valley’s Season 6 trailer. Thomas Middleditch’s character, Richard, always seemed like a Mark Zuckerberg allegory/parody, but now it seems even more obvious. Seeing Richard in a Senate hearing after Zuckerberg said that defending free speech meant Facebook has to continue to allow political fake news campaigns is quite something. HBO at its best.

We also see Richard attempting to continue with his innovations, including trying to build a people-based internet as he fights with politicians and big tech. We see Gavin Belson back in the game, jail as a possibility and Jian-Yang with a gun.

Also, we see a new character played by Arturo Castro, who plays an MBS-kind-of character which reinforces the show’s progression from “techies love weed” to a much more serious portrayal of the dangers of capitalism.

‘Silicon Valley’ returns for its last go on HBO on October 27, meaning its final episode will run on December 8. It has been a heck of a ride for our favorite programmers. HBO has a ton of job ahead if they seek to replace the spaces of some of their iconic jobs, but it seems their working on it.

Enjoy the trailer below:

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