‘Slasher’ Seasons 1-3 is revived! Is this a sign of a 4th season?

During the quarantine, it’s been pretty hard to keep track of time––let alone days of the week and months. Sometimes, it feels weird watching romantic movies during a month that isn’t named February––or stand-up comedy specials not in April. Well, to those of you who relate, suit yourself up for horror movies in July.

Slasher has finally returned to the streaming platform after several months of being absent from our watch lists. However, this isn’t really the first time the series was away––but either way, I know every one of us is just glad to see that the series back. With that out of the way, here are all the reasons why this could be the next series you’ll be watching or most importantly, why this could be one of Netflix’s signs that another season is coming soon.

Originally, the anthology horror series was first seen on Chiller before eventually moving to the streaming platform for an awaited second and third season. In May of 2019, which was more than a year ago, the third season of the series premiered on the platform.

The premise of the show focuses on masked killers who pounces on the victims like wild prey. With Aaron Martin helming the show, goosebumps will surely travel all over your body.

Like what was stated earlier, the series isn’t new to deportation. The first season was gone from the platform last year and was removed again earlier this year. Well, this was basically because of some licensing issues with Kew Media Group. With the likes of the media group’s Line of Duty, which was also removed and revived because of the licensing issue, Slasher quickly followed after its footsteps.

Season 4 ideas are yet to be closed off, but seeing that people are loving the anthology horror series––Netflix might want to think of a good move following this revival.

The series came back to the platform on the 23rd of June, 2020––and people have been noticing its revival.

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